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Transmission Tips

Post by steveX » Sun Jun 15, 2003 11:12 pm

A few week ago, after getting back from AIS (drag racing). I broke the transmission oil pump. I also had to change the TCC solnoid. this can be a eazy job, just my droping the tranny side of the craddle. here are some pic of the installation. this repair take`s about 2hrs complete. most people have to remove the tranny from the GTP and regal GS. not for use :D . also you can do a cam swap the same way, by drop the engine craddle side. ... %26.view=t ... %26.view=t ... %26.view=t

here is the TCC solnoid, that i replace. ... %26.view=t

this is what cause my problem. the oil filter screen got clog in the oil pump. which cause low line pressure, and wipe the oil pump out. thank god i have the RAYBESTOS HIGH ENERGY clutch. after droping the tranny pan, everything look good, so i just replace the filter and 8 QT of MOBIL tranny oil. ... %26.view=t ... %26.view=t

i also bend the shifter linkage, which i now replace. ... %26.view=t

it is VERY inportant that you service your tranny and replace the filter. Don`t listen to people ,who say changing the tranny is bad. if the tranny oil become dirty, it can cause problem. Inside the tranny has alot of filter screen. if you do not change the oil filter in the tranny pan, and new tranny oil, then you are asking for problem. when replacing the tranny oil, it is good to add one bottle of LUCAS TRANS SLIP. the 440t4 tranny can be drop the same way.

T you can make copy of the pic, and use it on the message board for future TIPS. i don`t this is will have this pic on yahoo too long, cause i have to remove pic , in order to add new pic. so feel free to use this info in another section.

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Re: Transmission Tips

Post by islindsey » Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:26 am

Which tranny are you using?

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