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Frequently asked questions about the Lesabre T-type.

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86 steve
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Post by 86 steve » Sat May 31, 2003 3:23 am

HOLY **** boys I thought I got a little rough sometimes, you guys now scare the hell out of me :o . Im a light weight compared to you guys. I sense some compition from BuickMan89, I think he might be able to outwind me :lol:

Any how DannY I think it was that burst your bubble comment, that and it did seem like you were avoiding getting to the bottom of the problem.

I told you guys the VIN would just show that it was a Custom. The other stuff like Flint and #'s is cool though but I think all H's were made in Flint but dont qoute me maybe H's is what Flint specialized in. BC/Mike can clear that up.At least being a Custom we know it wasnt a reupulhstered, bodykitted, rebadged Limited. Thats one step forward.

I would like to remind everyone about the sunroof issue, we all know now Buick did delivered H bodys with sunroofs. Pugulis isnt the only T with a factory sunroof. Also remember how little was known about the Olympic models of Buicks. Then theres the I forget silver or gold 88 Rivieras, something like that. Then the last 100 Rivieras were something I forget. Just like the last Auroras. Maybe there was a last 100 LeSabre T-types. I dont think so and if so I dont believe they would go t-type GS thats down right strange. but I wont commit because I dont want to look dumber than I already have :P

Anyhow I still hold hope that a 86 Holiday 88 coupe exists. Case you guys dont know the Holiday package was like t-types or GS's with buckets, steering wheel, floor shifter, suspension ect. but most believe it never made it to the FWD 88's but I have a code for one in 86. I am however sure Olds never made a Delta88Holiday442RoyaleLSS. :D

As far as top end, definantly not 150 out of a "camed" Vin C but some Bonneville SSEI guys are claming 130+ but thats another engine with out speed limiter. I doubt a 92 Acura can go 150 let alone have a speedo to prove 150 but then I had a 75 Datsun with a 2000cc OHC 4cylinder up to 120 easily and could not believe that either. As for aerodynamics, dont tell Boddy Allison a H body cant do 150, they were very aero

I have a 64 English Fordson / County Super Six tractor here that I had people in the Ford tractor business ask me if it was home made because they never saw one made from the machines mine was. But after much research I found I knew more about them then anyone in this country and may have the only 6 cylinder version of this first type "left" in this country of this model. I had figured out how to get and find parts for it because the Ford guys gave up to easily. I had to insist they dig deeper and look harder and lo and behold they had dusty boxes with parts in them for my machine.

Give the guy a break guys ! If it turns out he did get scamed that will suck enough.

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Post by GST-Type » Sat May 31, 2003 3:39 am

that vin thing is kinda odd, i dont have auto seat belts lol (if auto means the one that come sliding and attacking you when u shut the door).... otherwise wuts the custom part mean? codes might not be up till tuesday cuz i talkd to the shop and they said every one of my fuel lines will be getting redone and it may take a few hours lol. anywho even if it is just a t type i didnt get screwed at all cuz i got it for a real decent price wiht only 93k miles on it and the badass kit on it. Ill be happy either way. also numbers from the Jeri Elliott showd this on the production part...

Dear Mr. Baker,

Thank you for contacting the Buick Customer Assistance Center. We appreciate
you taking the time to write us in regards to 1989 Buick LeSabre GS-T type.

The production information we have is not specific to the "GS". The total
T-types produced in 1989 is 5,389.

A good place to start looking for specific information is the Buick Club of
America. The BCA is the premier organization for Buick vintage enthusiasts. To
find out more about this non-profit organization, contact them at

Additionally, to obtain a build sheet on your Buick LeSabre GS-T type, you may
contact GM Vintage at (905) 644-5843 by telephone or (905) 644-5436 by fax.
Please be aware that there is a charge for this service.

theres more to the email but not really in reference to production numbers thanks for breakin down the vin so far
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Post by GST-Type » Sat May 31, 2003 3:49 am

does my t type have a speed limiter???? if so wuts it at, cuz ive pegged that speedo and kept goin quite a ways but i havent made it stop accelerating yet, but thank god the exhaust shop found my leak or id be all sorts of blown up lol. and also acura can do it, its topping out and takes a LONG *** road, but will do it and then it develops that ever so wonderful knock in the engine :D needless to say it was about worthless after 3 months of hard runnin like that, the guys name is Ry and he now has a CRX with the B16 VTEC that was imported from japan. Its quick but has nooo top end. its all bout 1/4 mile to him lol. anyways I guess after rereading my posts i may have been rude so I'll take blame for any rudeness in here and say sorry to all,even the ones bashing me pretty bad. see ya
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86 steve
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Post by 86 steve » Sat May 31, 2003 3:57 am

No you didnt get screwed except that wing makes it worth - 200 to remove :lol:

I get really pissed when someone tries handing me a line, I hate liers, that guy would have got an earfull from me. Its like "am I supposed to swallow that whole or can I chew on it a bit first ? " I heard some **** in my day, some of the stuff people try to feed ya is crazy.

All t-types were born as Customs and then got the T parts put on them. The Limited was a trim and interior upgrade package so no since in converting them to a bucket seat blacked out car, so all T-types are Customs. So now you have a LeSabre CustomT-typeGS :D

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Post by prodigy_16 » Sat May 31, 2003 4:00 am

BuickMan89 wrote:
. If it doesn't have a limiter that kicks in at about 109 like the rest of the GM stuff of the era, it'll run out of breath long before 150. Even an unrestricted 170 horsepower car with the aerodynamics of a barn won't see much past 115 or 120.
the blt speed limiter set for i belive 127. without it, i dont know the top end.

Buick City Mike
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Post by Buick City Mike » Sat May 31, 2003 4:38 am

Buick City Assembly built all H body Lesabres from 1986-1999, Olds 88's from 1986-1995, Pontiac Bonnevilles from 1996-1999. Orion Assembly built Bonnevilles from 1987-1995 and Olds 88's from 1996-1999. When the last of the T-Type models (not the T package) came off the line, we were scrounging for the proper parts to finish them. I expressed the wish to get one of the last one's built and I was told by our finesse operators that it wouldn't be a wise idea since the parts were becoming hard to get. The T-Type was popular with the production assemblers because it was something different from the usual 4-door sedan that we were used to building. Mike
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Post by GST-Type » Sat May 31, 2003 5:14 am

Hmm, even if it isnt a gs ttype im still callin it that, hell I can be the only one! haha... I already have the screen name so Ill be the infamous gst-type. which would probablly bring up more big controversies like this one and people would get mad but I could laugh at it. screw you guys i have a gs t-type and thats that!!!! lol just kiddin i really have no idea yet. later
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Post by MICHAEL MEYER » Sat May 31, 2003 5:52 am

i dont care what it is, we know its a t-type - and t-types kick ***!!!!!!
right guys!?!!!

only thing i can say is this:

get that ugly wing off that car asap!!! :P really now, what looks worse?? a couple of marks where the wing used to be?? OR, looking like you drive a big boxy car with a goofy rounded push-mower looking wing on it?

i think i would pick a couple of marks where the ugly wing USED to be!! lol

keep us up to date on everything you do and upgrade on your car and keeeeep taking more pictures as your car changes and post them so we can see!!

enjoy your Buick!

(t-types rule!)

(regular customs and limiteds are great too! - dont wanna leave anyone out :P )
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Post by custom88 » Sat May 31, 2003 6:06 am

(regular customs and limiteds are great too! - dont wanna leave anyone out :P )
you better not forget us! I'm kinda dissapointed though.. my car's been sitting in my front yard for the past two weeks and nobody has even stopped to look at it yet. I'm getting kinda dissapointed here. There hasn't been anybody interested in it at all, not even enough to look at it. :cry:
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Nathaniel Gjr.
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Post by Nathaniel Gjr. » Sat May 31, 2003 8:08 am

boy am i glad that is over. remind me not to piss anyone off on the board or its feeding frenzy time. :D GST , you are more than welcome to our family on my behalf. you just got caught up in the "buick blast " that some people have gotten (some really deserved it). it was a misunderstanding, and i am glad you got tough skin. i like the car alot. love the kit.

Nat gjr. :mtt:
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Post by Rigel » Sat May 31, 2003 2:02 pm

Hey danny nice to see another t-type out this way and a black one to boot.
all I ever see around here is red ones like mine :mtt:

side note: Atchison 1 1/2 hours like thats doing the granny speed limit.
I could be there in 50mins flat.

T-type no like speed limit

Well at any rate. next time you are in KC on a saturday night come to the parking lot behind Hooters :-) in Independence 40hwy and Noland RD just off of I-70. There is usally a medium sized impromtu car show there if the weather is nice.

Send me an email at

and i will give you contact info.
Hell i would hook you up with some gas money just to see a black T-type in the flesh never seen one before.

not many of us T-types out this way. Gotta keep them close.

# so far in the KC area
4 Red ones
(1 in independence (mine) (1) in overland park
(1) in lee's summit (1) in lenexa
(1) black (yours)
(1) White saw it in leawood was real nice but that was two years ago and have not seen it since.

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86 steve
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Post by 86 steve » Sat May 31, 2003 3:09 pm

Take the wing off, get some of that black silicone and squeeze it from the inside of the trunk deck untill it just starts pushing out of the holes. Then dont touch it and let it dry. Clean thre undersurface real well first and it will stick well but will remove easy also when the time comes to do it more permenante. Or if the holes are not to big how about however many Stainless cap screws with some sealer that would be a neater job and more perminante. It will not look as bad as it does now. Be creative like the last owner was :D

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Post by Truth_N_Liez » Sat May 31, 2003 3:48 pm

nice car GST...glad people were able to help you out...
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Post by T » Sat May 31, 2003 10:48 pm

GST-Type wrote:that vin thing is kinda odd, i dont have auto seat belts lol
Actually it does. In the late 80s the government required "passive restraints in a certain percentage of cars sold. This means airbags, or seat belts you don't have to buckle. GM was smart on this and instead of a worthless annoying motorized shoulder belt, they mounted the seat belts on the door. So you get out of the car without unbuckling, try it once it's interesting. :P It also makes it easier to get in the back seat.


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Post by Vyse » Sat May 31, 2003 11:12 pm

I've tried that before. I couldn't get in my car. By the way, in a few months, I'll be the proud owner of the only 4 door '91 T Type in the world. I think so. I'm changing it myself. Does this mean I'm a poser? I sure hope not. Oh well, got to get off of here to call about an '85 Grand National I saw in the paper. Sure it's a 'hot air', but I don't care. Wish me luck.

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