Window Track Guide

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Window Track Guide

Post by Tricked-T » Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:24 am

Like myself some of you have had the window go down and and not come pack up. There could be several reasons for this but twice my window has "dropped" or "come off track and this is the way i have fixed it." This is a common issue, and kind of a pain, but an easy fix.

The Culprit:

Tools Needed:
Drill Bits
Rivet Gun (big one)
Rivets (1/4)
Flat and Phillips head Screw Drivers
Clamp (see pic)
Socket Set
Dry Graphite
Torx (T-15)

Parts Needed:
Replacement Guide (part # to come)

Step 1 (Remove door panel)
-Remove Window switch panel from armrest
-Remove armrest
-Remove lower armrest panels
-Remove Screw from door handle trim
-Remove Screws from seat belt entry trim
-Remove entire panel

Step 2 (Make Room to get to inner door)
-(only if needed, but may not be needed) Remove speaker, seat belt. (I always undo the seat belt to make room but if you wish not to you should have no problem moving on)

-Remove Access Panel by Drilling out rivets. (I only removed 2 and swung the plate around but it only takes a second to take out the third.)

Step 3 (Removing old part)
-Once you get access you need to pull the window up to the level you can see the regulator arm, and the broken track guide. (see pic Above)
-Pull out old part.
-Support Window

Step 4 (modifying new part)
-You need to hone out the inner whole (see pic) so the "ball joint" will fit in the whole. This is done with a drill ( I am not 100% sure but it is either a 13/64 or 15/64 bit, but test before actually drilling)
-Also take some sand paper to and go around the whole outer edge on the the new guide to make sure it is smooth.

Step 5 (installation)
-Make sure to grease the track, and the inner of the new plastic guide. I also used some dry graphite.
-Slide New guide on to track and line up with the "ball joint"
-I used blue and yellow clamps pictured above and just pumped it closed until it popped in. This may take a couple of tries until the whole is big enough to accommodate.
-Test window. It may hang up a little, but it eventually went away on my car.

Step 6 ( button every thing up)-You get the point

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