3rd Brake Light

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3rd Brake Light

Post by Alibi » Thu Apr 10, 2008 7:38 pm

The third brake light is mounted inside the car right behind the rear window, it is a very basic item to remove and service. The third light is required per US law and as such all vehicles in the US must be fitted with one (grandfathering in vehicles made before the law was enacted, of course).

on the pedestal base there is a philips head screw on the left and right sides ( picture soon)
after removing the screws the whole assembly pulls off easily, just keep in mind the wires to the light are not very long so be gentle then you can tilt the whole assemble on its side and carefully unplug the socket to the light, a tiny flat tip screwdriver can help to get it to unlock. to replace the bulb or to unassemble to paint the parts, turn the whole unit upside down and remove the two philips head screws from the bottom. there is an internal insert holding the bulb so be aware it can fall out if you are not carefull.
rear light bulb is numbered s1156 mine still has the factory bulb in it stampped 89.

Duplicolor hpv109 medium gray vinyl and cloth color in the spray can was almost a perfect match.

At one time an aluminum T-TYPE insert was available on ebay but word is GM considered it copyright infringment and issued a cease and desist notice. Such a part could probably be sourced easily by most any machine or water jet shop.

Other materials suitable for making inserts:
-construction paper
-paint (masking off the desired design)

See Also: LeSabreT thread on how to make inserts

Authors: Wyoming 89, Alibi

Sources: LeSabreT thread on 3rd light inserts

Dates Modified: 6-25-08 (Wyoming 89), 7-8-08

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Re: 3rd Brake Light

Post by wyoming89 » Wed Jun 25, 2008 9:14 pm

i will post some pics soon

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