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1989 red lesabre t-type
-3800 engine w/ 100278 miles
-ram air tube (summer equipped only)
-platinum bosh spark plugs
-k&n filter charger
-silicone spark plug wires from gm
-rebuilt front suspension
-good year conquest tires
-originally bought in pittsburgh, pennsylvania,
-bought in 1996 with all original factory parts still in place needing a major, but easy tune up
-leather seating, a leather steering wheel, unusual for a t-type, and gray and black interior. power windows, seats, locks mirrors, brakes
-starts on a dime in zero degree temperature
-passes inspection 0/220 and 0/200 with a fresh tune up every year.
-future plans include light tint, new headliner, fog lights, and restoration of front wheels finish. More pictures coming soon.
Nat's Story


Well I bought her in 1990 at a repo auction, for dare I say it $6000. She had four flats, a broken passenger window, no battery, hanging drivers side mirror, dented door, some dings and a crease in the fender,and interior full of leaves. No one bid on her, they were afraid of her she looked a mess.But I knew what she was cause I wanted a one when they first came out but couldnt afford the $18000 sticker, so it was more like fate that I bought this car.I had her towed straight of to the shop for all that ailed her and even splurged on the chrome kit and limo tints.This is a special car it has 110,000 Brooklyn miles and I can still chirp the tires out of the hole.


Well I've been working on my 89 T since it was passed on to me back in 2000. Since then I've done a few other things to my car. Since 2000 Ive added a Belof High intensity discharge headlight system. Stainless steel exhuast system. Two 12" Solo Baric Kicker woofers. Two 1,000 watt Kenwood amps, One 500 watt 4 channel amp, and one 280 watt 4 channel. My head unit is a Clarion 9675z Proaudio unit. As for my engine, I've added a Fastchip, fuel pressure regulator, MSD ignition wires, ported heads with three angle valve job, and Ram air. Man I hate changing motor mounts every three months. I'll keep my story up to date as I add more mods


I have owned the car for six years now and about two years ago I installed the 98' Series II sc motor before going on the Hot Rod East Coast Power Tour. At that same point I installed the PFP high-flow cat, addco suspension kit, Flowmaster muffler, strut tower brace and KYB struts. The car is ASC moonroof equipped, has black leather and wears Dunlop 225/60/15 tires. My father owns a mint 88' Electra T-Type with the same suspension upgrades and has a 97' Series IIsc waiting to be put in. I also have a rear ABS disc brake set up for my car which I haven't installed yet.
A pic of his 3800 SC.


'89 Silver T-type

1.) AC Delco Rapid Fire Plugs
2.) K&N Filter
3.) Home made Ram Air System
4.) New T-Type Springs
5.) Carbon Metallic Brakes
6.) High Flow Exhaust
7.) Urethane Sway Bar Bushings
8.) 16x7 Enkei RS-6 Wheels
9.) 245/50/16" Nitto 450 Extreme Performance Tires
10.) New Silver Paint (Stock color)
Robb's Story


I found it listed for sale on the Internet, in May this year. It looked good in the picture on screen. So with a one way airline ticket in hand off to Phoenix, AZ for a closer look. Still owned by the original owner it had been garaged continuously when not being driven. The paint is beautiful. The window tint was bad so that was redone. New wheels and tires, 225-60-16 Goodyear Eagle GTs. But the thing that has been the most fun has been changing the engine with a 4.9 Liter Cadillac V8. You can see from the picture it fits perfectly under the BLT hood. The car now has 110K miles on it. The engine came from a 95 Sedan Deville with 24K on it when it was heavily damaged in the rear. Engine swap was peformed by ASG in Indiana.
A pic of his 4.9 V8.


My car is a 1988 T-Type. It has 184,000 miles and it still purrs. This car was past on to me from my uncle five years ago. He gave it to me with 89,000 miles. I have my car spoiled the first time I own it. I haven't done nothing to it, but thanks to this web-site it's time to make it growl. I have black leather seats, Sony remote stereo, power windows,locks,brakes, and seats. Inside is black and gray.


I bought it in 1999 for $400 dollars, had no tires, no brakes, no steering, tranny was shot, no bumpers, nothing but mud in the interrior, dent in passenger door, and many more problems. Took me 2 years to get back to good condition. I have done all of the repiars myself in my freetime (including rebuilding the tranny). Just got it back from being completely repainted febuary of 2001. It is now my daily driver and I love it!


It is an 88 T-Type with 120,000 KM (75,000 miles.) I am from near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
-Ungo Alarm w/ CommandStart Remote Starter
-Clarion DRX9275 CD/CD Changer Controller w/ DPH-9300 Digital Processor
-Clarion 18 Disc Changer mounted in trunk
-2 Rockford Fosgate Power 12's in sealed enclosure


My car was originally the dealer demo car at Tom Rice Buick in Huntington NY. (yes it was a demo car) I can't imagine that there were too many other T-type Lesabre demo cars. I bought the car from its original owners with 135k miles, all stock. I have had the car for six months and put on six thousand miles, mostly for work. My car is a red 89' with leather seats and ABS

- K&N drop in filter
- New third brake light lens ( I will get a pic asap )
- Pioneer gm fit cd player
- Lots of careful detailing, to keep my car looking good.


My car is an 88 with black leather interior. I bought it late last summer in Fort Worth Texas. It currently has 129,000 miles. Since I purchased it I have replaced the headliner, steering wheel, window channels, window motor, window regulator, window guides, timing chain, water pump, rear brake shoes, rear wheel cylinders, re-tinted the windows, and fixed some small rust spots. The car was in a severe hailstorm last year and suffered greatly. So next for the white T (or as my mother in law calls it “the HEAP”) is to replace the hood and trunk and then finally it should get new paint. The only mod on the car is a K&N cone filter replacing the stock air box.


My T is a black '87 with tinted windows and most of the emblems removed, but since I made the banner for the front window there is no mistaking it for another kind of car(people used to always be like "Nice car, what kind is it?") If they dare ask me now, I will answer with the most sarcastic answer I can think of (If I don't just stare at them like their the biggest idiot in the world). Anyways it has 16" CSA rims, GN style seating, 2 12" MTX subs, 2 infinity tweeters, 2 infinity mids, 2kenwood 6X9's, and a pioneer deck. The original antenae has been removed and another one has been added to the middle-back of the roof along with a sunroof. All the interior lights have been replaced with red bulbs to match the dash lights and racing pedals take the place of the original ones. It has 2 3" pipes at the back and fog lights at the front. I have begun to change all the interior trim (dash, console, etc.) with custom maple veneer that I am making when I have the time. So far I have installed the console piece, the fuse box cover, and the vent piece located above the fuse box along with switching all the vents with chrome ones from a Park Ave. I am likely going to sell it before next spring (It has 235000km on it) and buy a mint, low km T -Type which I can customize from scratch.


Here's where I come in. I bought the car from Charlie in LA. I live in Dallas. (please don't ask how much I paid) I drove it all the way home. It took me approximately 21 hours. I drove it all the way home with the lowered suspension without any problems. My house is about 15 feet about the street level. I found my first problem when I bottomed out getting in to my driveway. First job.... remove suspension and replace to stock. The car was badly in need of paint so I had it repainted black, but added a blue pearl to it. All badges were removed. There isn't one sign on the outside of the car that says Buick or LeSabre. Now there's 83,000 miles on the car and I plan on driving it for many, many more.
A pic of his SC3800 SI
Fortune's Story

T-type Dude

My 88 Buick LeSabre T Type was bought in the summer or 2001 with 89,000 original miles and currently has 91,600 miles. I bought this car down in Florida and drove it up to New Jersey that week with doing an oil change, transmission flush and coolant flush. The car is completely base,no power seats,no leather,no abs and not even power locks!!!! This is my first car and im the second owner and this car was never beat on and was taken care of. The interior is in mint condition. I just had my car repainted the original color in November of 2002. The car before really needed paint, not one spot of rust but the paint was down to bare metal and it was faded big time. I've been doing a lot with the car now but im doing plenty more performance modifications to come in the future like exhaust work,engine work and transmissions upgrades!!!!


I have been looking for a t-type ever since i saw one of the buick/nascar adds, you all know the one with a t-type next to a stock car. At the time I was driving a 89 4dr limited (witch was a great car for me had around 300,000 miles when it died, I knew of the 2dr lesabres but I never dreamed of a t-type model.... Little history here I was born and raised in western and south central kansas, sports cars are almost non- exaistant and something as rare as this never would be seen. Fast foward to college life (Devry) still driving my 4dr with my t-type add on the celing above my bed I dreamed every night of curvy roads and petal to the metal fun. To be honest I have looked at monty's and grand prix (GM only man!) but they just were not right, I mean really after riding in the comfort of a Buick could you accept anything else, and guys we all know it is not easy to pick up chicks in a 4dr grandma grocery getter... Fast foward again... May 2002 I found this website and I was hooked I am on here several times a day, (obsess much!) So when I saw that a T was for sell with in reasonble driving distance I jumped (fliped, cart wheels, and handstands) I sent my deposit in at once. On June 15 me and the wife jumped in her 98 Sunfire and road tripped to Athens Ill. about a six hour drive after a few turnaround and wrong turns there it was. At first i was dissapointed it was a scatch and dent special, Hail dammage dent in the fender, rust foward of the strut towers and some rust in the bottom of the door ( not bad though). the drivers seat is trashed, but all that seamed to fade away when I took it out for a spin, the engine purred the tranny shifted smooth, and no funny rattles, after a full stop to 100 mph jump I was sold I thought I was in a rocket (after driving a sunfire it's not hard lol), I went over that car with a fine tooth comb, and worked him hard (but nice) for a lower price we worked out a deal. and it was off to home again (with no plates just a bill of sale boy that was fun) It drove home like a dream staight as an arrow on the road and rock solid steadyness, Another happy T-Type owner. Funny thing is I had to get married to be able to afford and drive my girl getter car.. Ironic......... Now to get her ready for car show this fall...

Big Daddy

My car is a '88 T-Type with 150K miles on it. I found it for sale just a few miles from my home in Seaford, DE. This is my first car and I am the second owner, it had been garage kept and the interior is in excellent condition. When it was purchased it needed a timing chain, a/c compressor, and the power steering leaked very bad, but since then I haven't had any more major problems with it. It has all the usual features such as power windows, locks, and driver's seat. I have also added the following mods.
-JVC deck w/DEI amp driving 2 12" Kicker Comp subs
-Home made intake with K&N filter
-Flowmaster dual exhaust
-New front air dam
-New head liner
-Tinted windows
I have owned the car since '99 now and plan to keep it for years to come.

Donny Lowrida

The Black one is a 1988 that I purchased in March of 1998. It was a one owner and I bought it with 114,000 miles, she now has 178,000 miles. I've since sunk a good $12 to $14,000 into it (thousand, not hundred). It's had everything replaced in it mechanically in order to be "sound" again. This includes rebuilt transmission, entire fuel system replacement, entire brake system replacement, all metal lines, power steering rack, all engine sensors, harmonic balancer, all wheel hubs, entire suspension and some interior parts.

Some modifications I've made are '89 black leather interior, (had black cloth), front strut tower brace, gold plated emblems (including "T-Type" emblems), FlowMaster 40 series universal single in/ single out muffler (soon to change to dual out), K&N airfilter, and a lowered suspension kit. (Not shown in the picture) Two sets of European style airhorns. The entire stereo system is ALL Kenwood featuring an automatic flipface CD player with satellite radio, 2- 12" "Tornado" subwoofers, 2- 6x9's, 2- 51/4" door speakers, 2- 4x6" dash speakers, powered by 3 Kenwood amplifiers. This one IS my favorite.

The Maroon one is a 1987 that I purchased September, 2002 as a winter car. She was bought with 210,000 miles and now has 216,000 miles. She needs everything the '88 has already obtained. However, to help out in the rebuilding process, I purchased a 1989 (maroon) as a parts car. (It had 216,000 miles).

The only difference I've found between the '88 and the '87 is that the '87 came with C-Pillar map lights, moonroof, and rear trunk release. I've installed a Kenwood removeable face, cassette deck with a 10 disc Kenwood Shuttle in the trunk. Nothing else has been done. Again, this was bought as a winter car, so no money was suppose to be sunk into it. Things change.


I found this 88 t type in the paper for $500.00 needs paint work in a bad way. The car spent most of its life in detroit. I bought the car from original owner who was a retired GM employee. The car had new tires-brakes-etc.etc. The interior is near perfect and it drives awesome. Plenty of power great handling and comfy to boot. Now its not near as fast as my late 87 Grand National but i think just as sharp looking and very intimidating, my neighbor with his Honda didnt want to race.


89 Lesabre T-Type

I am the second owner. It is from NY, belonged to an elderly man. He didn't drive it much. I don't think he even had a passenger in the car more than a dozen times. He really didn't want to part with it, but his at his age he had to. His son has a car lot and he sold it for him. I found it on AUTOTRADER.com. I looked at it off and on for about 3 weeks and called. 56,000 Original miles, Says the car is spotless inside, and minor rust on the passengers door. So I get some pics, fall in love with it. Get in my parents 97 Lesabre ( not driving my 94 4x4 Chevy @ 12mpg ) to PA, where the car is located. 13 hour drive. Put about 875 miles on it that day! The Car has 57,400 miles as of Jan. 04. I love it! It is my second T. All I have done to it is wax it and look at it from time to time. I did take it to the Body shop for an estimate on the rust. $450 both sides of the car, that covers all Dings and rust! Then the car should be in Mint condition! My only problem is that I love to drive it and I don't want to, so I can keep the miles off! Future Plans: Stereo upgrades: CD player, new 5.25" & 6x9 MASSIVE'S Rims and Tires: To Be announced Tinted Windows


My T is an 87 and I have had it about 4 years now. The car now sits with about 360,000 Km's and the motor is still stock and runs like a top. For now I drive the car every day and put about 2000 Km's on it a week. I have dropped the car by changing the front end to 97 G Prix and shorten and returned the front springs, with this you also get 11" brakes up front. The rear I just shorten and returned the springs, I had to shorten the sway links due to the lowering. The car now sits with just over 2 1/2" of groung clearence. Almost any curb or speed bump presents a challenge. I have done a high flow non-cat dual exhaust with magnaflow muffler and custom tips, cold air induction and played with some motor and tranny controls to get a little more out of the 3.8L. I added the rear wing and black leather out of a 89 T-Type, blacked out the windows and all marker and tail lights.I run a Pioneer head unit with Kenwood 6x9 in rear, 5 1/4 in the doors and 1" tweeters and the outside dash vents. There is a 15" fosgate sub and a 900 watt mono block amp to power it.future mods are body and paint (which is still original) and motor and tranny. I'm playing with a 4.5L from a 93 Caddy and a 5 speed tranny. We will see how it works.


1988 Lesabre T Type 2nd owner, Vancouver car black w/ grey interior new paint coming in the fall Accel super coil and 8.8 wires brushed aluminum ram air w/K&N cone filter dual outlet flowmaster muffler w/ magnaflow cat platinum plugs, synthetic oil 6 speaker kenwood cd plus mtx subs and alpine amp Wolfe nose bra only on during road trips. Click here for a pic of his engine


It has just under 59000 miles and is all orginal except for a water pump. I just took the factory installed brakes off this week.. 16 years for a set of brakes, not bad. I put a set of after market wheels on it but have the factory one with the factory tires in my basement. I included a few pictures of the LeSabre. I have may more if needed. Click here for a pic of his engine


I originally was looking for a medium to large car preferably Japanese or German. I wanted to spend about 3 grand on some basic but sporty transportation. After driving a few cars none of them appealed to me like the T Type. As soon as I saw it drive up I knew I was going to buy it. After negotiating a few repairs, $2700 later it was mine. I love the sporty looks, performance, and spacious interior. I can honestly say I have never seen another Buick Lesabre T Type in person and I frequently get asked "What kind of car is that?" I plan on leaving the car mostly stock. The car runs and drives extremely well. After 4 months of ownership the engine now has 156K on it but has lots of life left in it. This motor has been around for years and has proven to be dependable. Buick really hit the mark with this car. Too bad they stopped making it. Happy driving!

Other Lesabres


I'm the second owner, the first was my grandfather. It was purchased new in 1991 and I took over in Dec.1997 with 23,000 miles. The car now has 92,000 miles and is going strong. The only major repairs have been to replace the ECM twice. Mods- Strut tower brace I've also replaced original steering wheel and badging for ones from T-Type models. It's awaiting a full leather interior and console from an 89 T Type. Also new paint is on the way.

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