Other T's

Throughout the years Buick has almost always had a sport package. Back in the 60s and early 70s it was the GS. The late 70s brought the T-types, which would continue through the 80s. More resently the GS package has been brought back. The T-type and T package was probably the best, since it was available on almost every model. Also this package came at a time when there were very few sporty cars.

The '79-'85 Riviera T-type and S-type.

Before the T-type came the S-type, available on Riviera models from '79 and '80. In '81 it was renamed the T-type. The package included a carberated turbo 3.8L V6, Gran Touring suspension, blackout trim, and bucket seats. The turbocharged coupe got fuel injection for it's last two years before it was downsized.

The '83-'87 Regal T-type and Ts.

Unquestionably the most popular T-type, the Regal was ultamately the fastest. From the begining it offered the Turbo V6, Gran Touring suspension, performance axle, and more. The Grand National package was available on the T-type from '84-'87. In '87 the T-type package was split into three models: The T, Turbo T and Special T. The 3.8 got fuel injection in '84, and an intercooler in '86.

The '81 Lesabre T-type.

Yes there was a Lesabre T-type in '81. It was a similar concept to the 87-89 version, but a different car. The package added Gran Touring suspension, bucket seats, blackout trim and more to the Lesabre. However, the turbo V6 was no longer available on this Lesabre.

The '83-'87 Skyhawk T-type and T.

In '83 the Skyhawk, along with most of the line carried the T-type package. The usual blackout trim, Gran Touring suspension, performance axle, alloy wheels and bucket seats were standard. The 1.8L OHC engine that powered the T-type, got an optional turbocharger in '84. In '87 the T-type was dropped, but a T package continued, with the Turbo available, for another year.

The '83-'85 Skylark T-type.

Even the Sklark got the T-type package. In two-door form only, it featured the most powerful engine, performance axle, and alloy wheels. A T package was available on later four-door Skylarks, and two-door Somersets got a T and T-type package.

The '83-'86 Century T-type and Gran Sport

The Century T-type featured the usual T-type options, but unusualy in coupe AND sedan form. That was, until the '86 debut of the Century GS. This coupe was sold along side the T-type sedan and was only avaiable for one year. It came only in black, featuring a special grey and black GN-style interior with "power 6" emblems. It also included Gran Touring suspension, special wheels, bucket seats, front air dam, and rear spoiler. A T package continued for '87.

The '86 Lesbare GN and '87 Lesabre T.

In '86 the Grand National package was made available on Lesabres. 117 were made, these models featured Gran Touring suspension, back window closeouts, GN seating, and alloy wheels.

The '87 T package, available for only one year, included The Gran Touring suspension, full gauge cluster, 2.97 axle and more. It did not include the rest of the T-types options, such as spoilers and blackout trim, and it was available on four doors.

The '86-'88 Riviera T-type and T

In '86 Riviera was redesigned, but the T-type continued, but without the turbocharger. The packge now came with two-tone paint, Gran Touring suspension, allow wheels, and 2.97 axle, and Power Comfort seats. A T package was available with most of the performance options.

The '85-'90 Electra T-type

It featured Grand Touring suspension, performance axle, dual outlet exhaust, and more. Black out trim was standard until '88. A T version was available on all Electras, including the Park Avenue. A two door T-type was available for '85 only, while the '90 represented the last T-type made.


The Greatest Buick of all time: The GNX

Based off the Grand National, the GNX had enough power to make it the quickest car of '87. Need I say more?