My Buick Lesabre T-type

I purchased my white '87 Lesabre T-type in January of 2000. My current car was a '88 Pontiac Grand Prix with 186,000 miles. I was looking for newer GP when I came across a white T-type with 54,000 miles. It has an almost perfect interior and has been taken care of mechanically. It's major problem is the body. 13 Minnesota winters have taken their toll on its sheet metal. It has developed rust in the usual places, bottom of doors and fenders, and the edge of the trunk lid. When I purchased it I didn't know much about the T-type's, but I had seen one before. I noticed a couple of things that were odd. The front spoiler was destroyed, only the sides remained, and the rear spoiler was completely gone. In fact it never had one. I soon tracked down a new front spoiler, a huge improvment.

Otherwise my T-type is pretty much the usual. It carries power lock, mirrors, windows, and driver's seat. It has the black and grey GN-style seats, and power 6 floor mats.


Current Mods:

Future Plans:

L67 swap - - Cam
Strut tower brace - - 2.5" exhaust
Custom air intake - - Ported manifolds or headers
Walbro 307 fuel pump -
Michelin XGT H4s -
Tranny cooler -
Upgraded front speakers -
ZZP 3.4 pulley system -
AC Delco 41-601 plugs -

My Other cars:

88 Grand Am

Winter Beater / Daily Driver
- 2.5L "Iron Duke" engine.
- 97hp!
- 5-speed Isuzu Tranny
- 14" alloy wheels
- Two options: AC and aluminium wheels
- 91 Intake
- GT tail lights
- GT steering wheel

1988 Lesabre T-type

- 3800 Vin C engine.
- leather seats
- front and rear spoiler
- concert sound 2.